Thoughts and Ideas (May 2001)

Colour Code

White = Completed
Yellow = serious proposal
Red = I think this is worth doing
Green = still up for discussion

There are lots of ideas here, please read all, some of the more important ones are at the end.


A potential story line for Perilous Realms Mark3 [click here]

Reduce the amount of gold loaded by powerful mobs. Cap it of so that making a million is hard, say a maximum of 5000 gold, about a factor of 10 reduction. Low level mobs should keep their gold to make it easy for newbies. (Gold needs to be increased again, reduction was too great. Maybe 50% increase)

Repair was fixed for most items, often up to full rate but others up to a percentage of their orignal value.

A large wilderness area within which zones can be placed automatically. This can be generated either using templates or standard room types. An offline generator will be required (PERL should be fine).

Wandering mobs, either say bandits, elves, orcs, whatever which will wander through the wilderness. The mobs will act as if large groups, maybe just making them a large group all following each other, or something. But wilderness needs to be dangerous. (Region specific mobs needs to be added as well as seasonal variations in climates, esp arctic region.)

Hard coded clans have been included with their own private clan channels. Clanhouses have also been included with their own unique keys. The clan code also replaces choose. (Clan code needs to be updated so that clans can be tracked for quest points and such like. Also update will also allow for clan lockers and even bank accounts.)

Choose code has been replaced but same protections remain. Only changes are that it no longer requires immortal intervention to turn PK and you cannot turn PK above level 300.()

Permanent large equipment lockers for players and clans(completed 15/Apr/2002)

Bountyhunters that can be hired by players or sent by immortal to punish a specific game crime(completed est 30/May/2002)

Mobs have been tweaked to make a more balanced game environment. ( It's beginning to look like this is going to be a continual effort.)

Objects have been tweaked to make a more balanced game environment, especially needed to account for changes in armor. ( It's beginning to look like this is going to be a continual effort.)

Death traps (DTs) to be modified. Current thinking is to make them into traps that take 90% of your maximum HPs. If your health is such that this reduction leaves you alive, then you live, if not your corpse remains to be recovered. (completed 15/Dec/2001)

Make functioning tunnel rooms that only allow one person to enter them. This was prompted by failures in the Tower of Passage. (completed 1/Feb/2002) Clan guardian mobs, mobs that will attack anyone who is not off your clan. These will automatically load in your clanhouse, for a price. Same toughness as a cityguard, or enhanced to a shadowguard. (completed 1/Apr/2002, but not released to code yet)

Traps, items that you can drop on the ground such that the next person to enter the room triggers the trap. (completed 1/Apr/2002, but not released to code yet)


Automated QUEST generator. Not sure how to do this, but the basic version would be a return and retrieve quest. Quest tokens would be returned. These would allow you to gain level 500, or restrings, free additions to clanhouses. (estimated date of implementation, Early 2002, Priority HIGH)

Mobs that you can buy that become your followers.

Special medics that wander Midgard that will cast full heals on people under level 20, cure serious on those up to level 40 and nothing beyond that. (estimated date of implementation, XMAS 2001, Priority HIGH)

A no-drop flag for some items, so that certain items can only be trashed or junked. This is particularly important for temporary items you don't want stashed away, such as quest keys.

The ability for leaders of clans or those of level 500 can build instead of a clanhouse their own TOWNS. The buildings in these towns would be paid with QUEST points (also purchasable by gold) and would be predefined units. The locations of these units would be up to the players. Shops would be available as would inns and naturally guardian mobs. City walls and gates would also be available though raiding someone elses clantown would probably be highly profitable. (estimated date of implementation, Mid 2001)

A special zone for the dragonbourne so that they can be incorporated into the theme of the world. A lot more quests can involve these guys.


A game system for over level 500's, maybe a case where level 500's are listed as the superior warriors of the nation. There should also be a case where level 500's can apply to become game deities or powerful beings. These powerful beings would need to support of mortals worship or they'd wither away to nothing. Any actions by game-gods require worship point. There should be a way that deities can gain some by own action, also they should be able to build increasingly powerful temples.
Game rankings should be available too.

Proposed classes for the future [click here]

Have the new world exist at all exists from midgard. However have all links to the current world replaced by links DOWN in their current place. ie keep both worlds at the same time but just not in the same place. The new world will be wilderness based so will have a different feel to the old. Can remove zones from old as they get modified to fit the new. (Currently in progress)

A NO-CRIM flag so that criminal players can't enter certain areas, could be tied to safe zones as a default, but if possible a seperate flag may also be useful. Definitely modify safe to exclude criminals.

Based on the storyline, there should only be three player races, currently called elves, humans and orcs, but all really human. Most other sentient mobs should be human as well but creatures can be different. This is the same principle as used in PR2.

Given three races, race-specific reputations can be added to a player file. This could be the same as align in function. If you kill an orc, then orcs will hate you as your repuation spreads. Similarly for elves. However if you kill an orc, humans will distrust you but elves will like you. There is a crossover effect, a killer will be distrusted by everyone. Reputation should improve gradually. Killing wild animals will also improve reputation as you are protecting midgard. An effect table would be as follows for a negative effect of 100 for each
Elven -100 -20 +50
Human -20 -100 -20
Orcish +50 -20 -100
animals 0 +10 0

Eventually the aim would be to modify the spec-progs of cityguards so that if reputation of player for the cityguard's race was too low then they would attack on site. This would mean that if you were an elven serial-killer you would be able to safely walk the streets of an elven stronghold. This would add an interesting strategic twist to what you fought.

Bounty system. Introduce a bounty system. This could be based on the vespa technology. Players could pay the bountykeeper to place a bounty on a player. The bounty would be paid when a slice of the corpse of the victim is handed to the bountykeeper. Multiple bounties on one player should be added together to make a bigger bounty. No time limit on bounties. This should make it possible for non-chosens to get some form of revenge on annoying players. i don't yet know how to figure it into the choose system. Any ideas?

Start players align at -750,0,750. This is sufficient for them to be within their align range but then if align <-950 (say) then a bounty could be placed on their head, which is cumalitve per day they are too evil, up to a certain limit which is based on their level.

Race specific accounts. If the RP aspect of having multiple races gets going, then as you develop a reputation certain areas will become hard for you to access. Thus to avoid players having one char of each, make an account be one race only. Long range idea. PR RP.. yeah right.

All relevant guildhalls in midgard (at least) should have magical training dummies upon which players can practice. No effect on reputation or align but gives experience. Some dummies for newbies and others for stronger players. These could be made in the first stage of upgrading Midgard. Clerics and druids shouldn't have training zones as it is not appropriate for clerics to be fighting.

Reduce number of classes to seven; warrior, cleric, mage, thief/assassin/bard, druid, ranger (druid+warrior) and paladin (warrior+cleric). The current classes are so messed up that i think there will be un-ending complaints about class balance. In this case simply assign all warrior skills to warriors, magic to mage, etc. For the two multiclasses then just balance things out, say 75% of warrior, 25% cleric = paladin. Implementation I think it's fair to allow players to keep their current classes but prevent new chars being created in those classes. Later a class translation could be done, manually if necessary. I really think that every time a new class comes in, or a rebalance comes in, people get very upset. It's impossible to please everyone, so just go back to it being simple. Also as warriors won't have all the spells then solo'ing becomes a lot more difficult.

Instead of multi-classes, just let advanced people in each class have the option of generalising out at high levels or specialising in their class. Thus a warrior could at level 400, learn some simple healing and magic tricks but nothing sufficient to worry a true mage.

Rangers are for explorer-type players, so they are reduced warriors, minor druids, but with 50% less movement costs and less effected by thickets and thorns.

Druids, being one with nature get 25% less movement costs.

No neutral paladins, but yes evil and good.

Class specific guildmasters. Up to level 100, all guildmasters will work for all classes. >From 100-350, ordinary class specific guildmasters will work, from 350-500, specialists guildmasters are needed, only one per class type in the world, in their own guild sanctuaries. Somewhere outside of midgard and which needs to be found. I believe that this should be just an adjustment to the GAIN/TRAIN/PRACTICE commands.

Some guildmasters can move, again I believe this should not be a problem.

Guildmasters are race independent

Cleric guildmasters are found in the cathedrals in Midgard and other places of worship outside.

Reduce mage and cleric practices so that they can't get the full range of spells.

Guildmasters are killable, but instant bad reputation (-1000) and align for the race that you killed.

Slow repop on guildmasters if they are killed, so that losing one hurts the opponents side. Could be done as making the guildmaster load a % load with a max of one/zone.

Classes should ideally have enough skills so that practices provided should only allow for 85% of them to be at 75% practice level.

Do not allow skills to be practiced to levels less than 50% or 30%

No object should be grant FLY, or if so then very very rare. Should have to buy a potion or a scroll. Modify the obj file to remove current items that provide fly, allow existing objects to persist. This would have the benefit of improving the important of mages in groups. Only mages have the ability to cast this spell on others (as is). Clerics should be allowed to cast it on themselves only, but NOT paladins. The duration of FLY should be reduced. Currently FLY makes a mockery of many of the mud geographical hazards.

Swimmable rooms need a swim skill, that all classes can access, or else they suffer drowning (unless equipped with waterbreath)

Charm should be restricted to druids, who know the natures of people and animals. They also have charm-animals, which is shared with rangers as well.

paralyse should be a mage spell.

clerics should have a new spell which paralyses people but does not allow attacks, the first attack fails and releases the victim. Expires as per paralysis.

All classes should have a restrain skill which allows you to catch a player once you've defeated them, less than 100hp's or <10% of max-hps (whichever ever the lesser) This will make the player follow the victor. The rest is the same as with stasis.

subdue.. a fight skill that will stop before killing a person. The loser stops fighting.. the victor too. Possibily an option for non-chosens

make a market place using vespa technology. Allow players to give items to a keeper. People can then use list (as per shop) and buy items. Then player can check back and retrieve any proceeds if any. Price sold in shop is per item value and items below a certain value are not considered.